Mittwoch, 11. Februar 2009


Anonym hat gesagt…

Woah! Where is that? It looks like an airport of some sort. I love the composition, dominant lines--splendid piece Viv.

viv hat gesagt…

hi clay :)
its a supway in vienna austria, (thats where i come from, i mean the city ;))
i made the handrail away and cleaned up a little with photoshop.
the handrail is also looking well, it is red, but i like it more like this.
thank you for all your nice coments.
i am very often on your sites to read and look around, your pages are gorgeous.

C. L. DeMedeiros hat gesagt…

There's a Cookie Maggie
in everyone



Jeanne hat gesagt…

Hallo Vivien,

Ich habe deine Post gelesen...

Chaos life? Funny



viv hat gesagt…

hi jeanne,
i dit a post for you.